archerliteConservatories are a great addition to any home but, let’s face it, even the best ideas can be improved upon. That’s what we’re constantly striving to do as we find and develop ever more sophisticated materials. You only have to look at the giant strides in PVCu windows and doors over the years to see this in action!

One of our most recent innovations has been a huge leap forward in conservatory roofing. Obviously the modern polycarbonate and glass roofs we use today represent a big improvement over older materials and they are, now, truly excellent. But – if you want the ultimate in style and practicality – you need look no further than our superb Archerlite roofing system.

Archerlite lightweight tiled roofing is, quite simply, revolutionary. You can specify it for your brand new conservatory but – brilliantly – you can take advantage of its massive benefits by getting it ‘retrofitted’ to your existing one. And boy, does it make a difference!

Gone are the temperature variations where you could be freezing cold in the depths of winter, or roasting under a hot summer sun. With really extreme weather, these conditions could put your conservatory out of action for days at a time, unless you were prepared to spend a lot more on heating/cooling bills. And, under heavy rain, traditional conservatory roofs can sometimes be noisy, especially with global warming now seeming to generate bigger drops!

Conservatory roofBut with Archerlite, conservatories have grown up into seriously relaxing and enjoyable rooms, all year round. The system brings big energy savings, for a start: with a u-value of only 0.8 you’ll lose loads less heat in winter. So you’ll not only stay warm, but you’ll be shrinking your bills and your carbon footprint, plus doing a big favour to the environment. And in the height of summer you won’t frazzle under a magnifying glass. Archerlite gives you great sound insulation, too. So, at a stroke, you’d be turning your conservatory into a proper, 365-day room.

Another big bonus of it becoming a genuine room environment is that you can – as many of our customers are doing now – use your the conservatory to extend your lounge area. With plastered and papered internal walls (if you want), and what you might call proper ‘lounge’ furniture rather than conservatory cane (some of us like it… some of us don’t).

For the best of both worlds, you can have stylish, energy-efficient and weatherproof roof-lights fitted. We guarantee your tiles for 25 years but fully expect them to last 40. And – here’s another clincher – since building regs changed in 2010, you don’t need any special planning permission to fit an Archerlite roofing system.

If you’re into the research facts and figures, we can show you them all – from around the world, not just in the UK – for complete reassurance that everything’s been tried, tested and passed with flying colours. So it’s with no little pride that we say “conservatories just grew up”.

If you like what you’ve just read and fancy looking into a truly modern, Archerlite system conservatory – or an Archerlite ‘makeover’ for you existing one – see the (Archer) light now and call me, Kevin Greenfield, for a chat on 01159 221155. Or email