If you want to see the cutting edge of eco-friendly window design, just ask a Scandinavian – they know a thing or two about extreme weather conditions, design style and engineering quality… ScandiHouse

So, always on the lookout for the latest developments to offer you, we’ve done just that, but we’ve taken things an important step further. Archer Systems has teamed up with top Scandinavian window manufacturer, Rationel. Which means you can now specify these premium quality, energy-saving continental windows as part of your Archer installation.

Rationel produces superbly tough, durable timber and timber/aluminium composite windows suitable for both brand new homes and the replacement window market.

Available in 15 standard RAL (European colour standard) colours (plus additional bespoke colours for a little extra), they deliver exceptional energy efficiency together with reassuring security…

On the energy conservation front they actually contribute energy (up to 24 KWh per square metre) by letting more sunlight (effectively free heat) in and less out. They markedly reduce your winter heating bills as well as carbon dioxide emisssions. They brilliantly resist moisture and eliminate draughts.

In fact the energy performance of the range we recommend for new build properties is so good that it will even meet the stringent ‘passive house’ requirements. ‘Passivhaus’ in German, this is the fastest-growing energy performance standard in the world, leading to the reduction of a building’s ecological footprint and resulting in ultra-low energy buildings that require minimal energy for space heating or cooling.

We’ve also a special version in the Aldus Slimline range specifically made to be installed as replacement windows. So this amazing, ecologically and environmentally sound technology is not just exclusive to brand new homes – it can easily be retro-fitted.


The vast majority of timber used in the construction of these windows – which can be finished in either clear or translucent lacquer – comes from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) forests, putting a big tick in the ‘sustainability’ box. And all Rationel ranges meet the challenging ‘Secure by Design’ specification.

With various configurations of glazing bars in a wide range of country-style and classic designs, these  can provide the most complex of window solutions for anyone requiring, well… complicated windows!

If you like what you’ve just seen, and fancy looking through Archer’s sensational new  Scandivanian, energy-saving windows call me, Kevin Greenfield, for a chat on 01159 221155. Or email kevin.greenfield@klg.co.uk