With the end of winter drawing nearer, and spring busily warming up on the touchline, now’s the perfect time to think about improving your home. And, as a sparkling extra incentive, we’ve been giving away a limited number of amazing Archer gift vouchers! 


With their book of Archer vouchers, each lucky recipient can save up to £300 on Archer Systems windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries and roofline. That’s from a choice of three top local retailers!

So if you prefer KLG, you can use your Archer vouchers. Or Rutland Windows? Use your Archer vouchers. Or Storm Shield? You’ve guessed it … use your Archer vouchers! And if you’re a past customer who hasn’t been given any vouchers yet, just get in touch and your chosen retailer will promise to keep you smiling.


You’ll make your biggest savings by using all six £50 vouchers at once against the purchase of an airy, elegant Archer conservatory or orangery. Saving £300 at a stroke! Or you can use them, £50 at a time, against a magnificent new door, new windows or new roofline – the choice is entirely yours.

Just present your voucher when you seal the deal with a sales representative, and hey presto, the money magically disappears from your bottom line! Just be aware, though, that there is a deadline: to use your vouchers, you must sign up for an Archer product before the end of March, 2015.

If you’d like to know more about the exciting 2015 range of Archer Systems products, or would like to request a voucher book call me, Kevin Greenfield, for a chat on 01159 221155. Or email kevin.greenfield@klg.co.uk