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Glass Options

‘Super Spacer’ provides the ultimate in thermal performance

Archer systems offers ‘Super Spacer’, a unique dual seal spacer system manufactured from 100% pre-desiccated structural foam.

‘Super Spacer’ dramatically improves the thermal performance of the sealed unit and is proven to:

  • Reduce the overall U value of the window by up to 0.2 W/m2K when compared to the traditional aluminium spacers.
  • Typically improve a windows energy rating by 11 points.
  • Virtually eliminates condensation to the room side of a sealed unit.
  • Reduces noise transmission by up to 2 decibels.
  • Has 100% memory to allow greater expansion and contraction across temperature change greatly improving the durability of the sealed unit.

Choose the best glass option for your home?

When choosing the most suitable glass for your windows or conservatory, it's simply a case of knowing what options there are and which is best type of glass to meet your requirements? Glass can perform many different roles to make your home more comfortable, more practical, more private and most importantly, more secure.

Today there are numerous types and combinations of glass available but how do you choose the best for your home?

Your windows and conservatories from Archer Systems will be fitted with ‘SGG Planitherm Total Plus’ as standard. This glass provides excellent thermal insulation with high solar gain, making this one of the most energy efficient products available in the window industry today and offering many advantages over traditional double glazed products.

With its optimised balance of very low emissivity and high solar gain ‘SGG Planitherm Total Plus’ can improve the energy index for a given window by more than 5kWh/m2/year when compared to other low-E products.

Argon gas filling is also standard in all of Archer double glazed sealed units, again improving a given window by about 11kWh/m2/year compared to an air filled sealed unit.

  • More comfortable rooms- better insulation means fewer cold spots and down drafts near windows and doors.
  • Less condensation- the inner surface of the double glazed unit stays warmer, thereby reducing the likelihood of condensation.
  • Less of a tint to the glass- this gives clearer vision through your windows and means your curtains or decorative glass products do not look dirty or discoloured.
  • More light- less tint also means more light entering your room, making a more comfortable environment, providing a feel good factor and reducing a requirement for artificial light.


Dual action self-cleaning glass is offered as an option on all Archer windows doors and conservatories. Utilising ‘Pilkington Active’ or ‘Saint-Gobain Bioclean’ technology we provide you with a product which significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning. These products utilise both rain and UV light from the sun to efficiently combat dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of your windows.
We can also provide a retrospective self-cleaning product from the Ritec Clear Shield system of non-stick surface technologies.

Noise control

Noise pollution is becoming and increasing concern to many and especially in urban areas. Acoustic glass technologies are improving all the time to combat these levels of unwanted noise. Archer Systems can provide a variety of solutions to reduce the impact of noise. Combining various glass thicknesses within the sealed unit can improve the reduction of sound by as much as 15% and laminated acoustic glass will improve these figures further.

Solar Control

Archer Systems offers a range of solar control products that help to keep internal temperatures cooler in the summer whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance without losing the U-value performance.
Solar control glass comes in a range of tints and even a neutral nearly clear to suit all aspects.
You may wish to combine solar control, thermal insulation and self-cleaning technology all within one unit.

ClearShieldNew from Archer Systems

Archer Systems offers you the option of ordering your new windows, shower enclosures, patio doors, conservatories and overhead glazing with the ultimate in glass protection treatment - ClearShield® Eco-System. Download the ClearShield® Eco-System leaflet as PDF (Opens in a new window).

Easy clean glass protection with durable non-stick glass surface technology

The unprotected exterior of your windows can quickly and easily suffer a permanent build-up of hard water/mineral salts bonding onto its surface causing staining and possibly permanent damage. Tree sap and bird droppings also become very difficult to remove through normal cleaning and as a result, the appearance and transparency of your window is diminished.

ClearShield® ECO-SYSTEM Glass Protection is a unique award-winning product that is applied to the outside of the glass to form a permanent bonded surface. It works just like 'non-stick' cookware, acting as a protective barrier on the surface of the glass

  • resistant to all types of outdoor dirt (including tree sap and bird droppings)
  • keeps your windows looking clear and clean
  • easier to clean and maintain
  • eliminates the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products
  • saves time and effort
  • does not support the growth of bacteria
  • includes a 10 year durability guarantee (providing you follow the simple aftercare programme)

Download the Easy clean glass protection PDF - Opens in a new window.

10 year guarantee

Every Archer Systems window, door, conservatory and orangery is covered by a comprehensive 10 year Warranty backed up with the DGCOS insurance guarantee providing you with the secure knowledge that if anything should go wrong you have access to free arbitration from the Ombudsman