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A porch song from Archer …tune in to some stylish extra space !

For some unknown reason, porches somehow seem to lack the glamour of their bigger cousins, conservatories and orangeries. Yet an Archer porch is built in much the same way, to the same exacting standards. And it’s an equally elegant and practical means of creating more space in your home. Click here to read more »

Sleep well – don’t have nightmares! All your Archer home improvements are protected by DGCOS


Nick Ross, former BBC Crimewatch and Watchdog presenter, is the ambassador of the newly-launched DGCOS (Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme). And Archer suppliers KLG, Rutland Windows and Stormshield are proud to be founding members (KLG the first company in Notts, Rutland Windows the first in Derbyshire)!

blue-dual-glazedThe purpose of DGCOS is to safeguard consumers from falling prey to the dodgy practices of ‘cowboy’ operators.     The scheme provides comprehensive protection for homeowners who have windows, doors, conservatories and associated products installed by its members. It means, in a nutshell, no more nightmares about being ‘ripped off’… Kevin Greenfield, Managing Director of KLG Amazing Glazing, said:

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What our new BM TRADA certification means for you…

Competent PersonIt means that now, more than ever before, you can rest assured of guaranteed first-class workmanship from all our fitters – whether your Archer Systems home enhancement product comes from KLG, Rutland Windows or Stormshield!  

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TIME TO START SEEING DOUBLE AT KLG …their amazing door showroom is now twice the size!

KLG Amazing Glazing is one of Archer’s major local suppliers. And, in their fabulous Beeston showroom, they’ve just doubled the size of their gorgeous composite door display! 


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Voucher heaven: save up to £300 with Archer!

With the end of winter drawing nearer, and spring busily warming up on the touchline, now’s the perfect time to think about improving your home. And, as a sparkling extra incentive, we’ve been giving away a limited number of amazing Archer gift vouchers! 


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Rationel: world-beating Scandinavian windows for you!

If you want to see the cutting edge of eco-friendly window design, just ask a Scandinavian – they know a thing or two about extreme weather conditions, design style and engineering quality… ScandiHouse

So, always on the lookout for the latest developments to offer you, we’ve done just that, but we’ve taken things an important step further. Archer Systems has teamed up with top Scandinavian window manufacturer, Rationel. Which means you can now specify these premium quality, energy-saving continental windows as part of your Archer installation. Read more…

How conservatories just grew up!

archerliteConservatories are a great addition to any home but, let’s face it, even the best ideas can be improved upon. That’s what we’re constantly striving to do as we find and develop ever more sophisticated materials. You only have to look at the giant strides in PVCu windows and doors over the years to see this in action!

One of our most recent innovations has been a huge leap forward in conservatory roofing. Obviously the modern polycarbonate and glass roofs we use today represent a big improvement over older materials and they are, now, truly excellent. But – if you want the ultimate in style and practicality – you need look no further than our superb Archerlite roofing system.
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